Illegality in the travel and tourism sector is a scourge that results in serious harm:

  • to the traveller, who is deprived of the protection provided by national and EU rules;
  • to businesses, which are exposed to systematic unfair competition;
  • to the state, which undergoes evasion of taxes due by law. The organization of travel by a person without a license is a criminal offense in the Italian legal system.

Even the organization of weddings often involves requests for services that go well beyond the simple planning of the ceremony, given that there are elements typical of tourist packages, such as hotel stays or transportation.

In this case the law states clearly that only travel agencies having the correct license are entitled to take care of the organization of tourist packages.

ITALIA DIVINA wedding planners is a product of  NYALA WONDER TRAVEL, travel agent and tour operator based in San Remo, which operates with a regular license granted by the Region of Liguria and adheres to Fiavet, the national federation of travel agents.

When you entrust our team to organize your wedding you will always be certain to have the advantage of being helped by professionals, who, apart from having performed this job for 10 years, have the utmost respect for your rights.