The Villa della Pergola in Alassio is an elegantly restored Belle Epoque villa surrounded by an amazing botanic garden with breathtaking views over the Ligurian coast – the perfect place for a memorable wedding reception. 

A wonderful setting for a reception in a villa whose history is linked to the era of winter resort holidays taken by the English aristocracy along the Riviera.

In 1875 two Scotish gentlemen, George Henderson Gibb and General William Montagu Scott McMurdo were the first Britsh, along with their families, to spend the entire winter season in Alassio and to purchase the land for the construction of the villa. The first building built by the Gen. McMurdo on his land was not the current Villa della Pergola but its annex, the Villino della Pergola, which at the time of its construction was called Casa Napier.

The Villino, even more than the Pergola, reflects the taste and the experience of its creator: the villa in fact was designed according to the style of Anglo-Indian taste, that is the achitectural style loved by the English who lived most of their lives in India as soldiers, civil servants or businessmen. Built on three levels, the building was equipped with wide verandas and pergolas that recall the English houses built in those years in India and in Malaysia for the officials of the British Empire. Afterwards it was bought by the Hanbury family who gave an extraordinary impetus to the completion of the garden of the Villa, greatly increasing the number of exotic species imported from the botanic garden of the Mortola.

Currently the property has been completely renovated and converted into a luxurious Relais that is particularly suitable for receptions and events. Both the interior and the exterior of the villa can be be used, and it is provided with luxury suites for overnight guests.