Have your wedding on Lake Maggiore – the castle that dates from the Middle Ages is perfectly preserved.

The scene is enchanting: the clear water of Lago Maggiore, the peaks of the Alps, the vineyards, the lovely village below. A sumptuous reception awaits the guests. Everything is ready: the spacious courtyard of the castle is illuminated, the charming rooms are beautifully decorated in elegant period furniture and magnificent paintings, the terraces that face the lake are prepared for the guests to enjoy an extraordinary firework display with splendid special effects and a musical accompaniment.

This is typical of the events presented at the Castle, owned since 1449 by the Borromeo princes who have always cherished it passionately. Among their illustrious ancestors are many important personages from Italian history, including a saint.

Here you can live the dream of having a castle all to yourselves, and retrace history in this extraordinary manner, immersing yourself in the setting that you prefer: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, and up to the present day. Everything will be designed in detail to produce an authentic Italian feast of the past, with exhibitions, entertainment, actors and themed menus.