Have your wedding on Lake Orta – the Palazzo, today a private residence, dates from the 17th century.

Just as in a fairy tale, you can approach the villa on Lago d’Orta by boat, embarking from a nearby pier where boats also sail for the magical island of San Giulio.

Beyond the impressive doorway entrance, where carriages and horses once passed through, you enter a courtyard with its adjacent rooms, where barrels of wine were once kept.  The interior of the palazzo boasts splendid salons and drawing rooms decorated with stucco and panelled ceilings, 16th century marble fireplaces, historic furniture and memorabilia handed down from generation to generation, all of which lends it a unique charm.

Sophisticated private events, both artistic and musical, are held here even in winter when the countryside rediscovers the stillness and the silence that creates an atmosphere of enchantment.

But the Palace, located a few meters from a baroque church and an historic municipal building where civil wedding ceremonies are celebrated, has another treasure hidden within its walls – a lovely garden with views over the lake, perfect for events held in the open air.

Of course it would be difficult not to swear eternal love in Orta, “watercolour of God, painted on a backdrop of silk, with its Sacred Mountain in the background, its narrow streets flanked by noble palaces, the silent piazza with facades hiding behind the foliage of the horse-chestnut trees, facing the island of San Giulio that hovers between water and sky” (Piero Chiara).  Even Friedrich Nietzsche, who stayed here in 1882, did not escape Cupid’s arrow – he certainly passed the Palazzo many times on his “sentimental” walks with the young Lou-Andreas Salomè in the vicinity of the Sacro Monte of Orta, today a UNESCO World Heritage site.