Getting married in Liguria

Liguria, bathed by the Ligurian Sea and dominated on the north by the Alps and the Ligurian Apennines, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Making the choice of getting married in Liguria means having the chance to organize a wedding on the beach, in a villa with a sea view or in a typical Ligurian village, and many more.

Liguria is a land of flavors and traditions, a perfect combination of art, culture, landscapes and fine cuisine. It is no coincidence that it was one of the first tourist destinations in history.

The mild, pleasant climate during the entire year has always been considered one of the best in the Mediterranean; the small size and the contours of the land offer the amazing possibility of enjoying a day on the highest peaks, and in a few hours descending to the beach to appreciate the sea which makes this area unique.

Liguria is characterized by a great variety of charming landscapes, with fantastic hilltop villages perched on the cliffs.
These are only some of the aspects that influence the choice of getting married in Liguria but we could go on to list many others.

Wedding in a villa in Liguria

Deciding to make a wedding in a villa in Liguria means looking for a suggestive, romantic and intimate atmosphere. The villa we would like to offer you is located in Cipressa, a typical Ligurian village located in a panoramic area, between Santo Stefano and San Lorenzo.

Wedding in an Agriturismo

An agriturismo is a country hotel in a rural setting where the charm and beauty of the natural surroundings can provide one of the most romantic settings for a wedding. [Show picture list] Italia Divina Wedding Planner loves to satisfy all the wishes of the wedding couple, to offer customized arrangements and provide wonderful locations for the reception. An agriturismo is recommended for enthusiasts of country chic style, who are looking for an elegant setting with a warm and welcoming...

Wedding Reception in San Remo in a Grand Hotel

A wedding reception in San Remo in a Grand Hotel of the Belle Epoche: impeccable service, finely furnished rooms, a tropical garden with an incomparable view of the sea. [Show picture list] This luxury Grand Hotel is situated in a privileged position, overlooking the sea, only a few steps from the center, the Casino and the most elegant boutiques. This is the ideal location for organizing receptions, events, conferences.  The interiors of the elegant salons retain their original charm but they...

Villa della Pergola in Alassio

The Villa della Pergola in Alassio is an elegantly restored Belle Epoque villa surrounded by an amazing botanic garden with breathtaking views over the Ligurian coast – the perfect place for a memorable wedding reception.  [Show picture list] A wonderful setting for a reception in a villa whose history is linked to the era of winter resort holidays taken by the English aristocracy along the Riviera. In 1875 two Scotish gentlemen, George Henderson Gibb and General William Montagu Scott...

Outdoor wedding reception at a villa

To organize an elegant outdoor wedding reception at a villa, we suggest a beautiful villa with a garden situated in a spectacular location with views over the town of Imperia and the Ligurian Sea.   [Show picture list] Located in Imperia in the hilly residential area behind the center of Oneglia, the villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden which is used for weddings and outdoor receptions....

Wedding in a village: Montalto Ligure

Have your wedding in a village: Montalto Ligure, to experience the romance of getting married in an Italian medieval village, immersed in antiquity and unspoilt nature. [Show picture list] Montalto Ligure, located in Valle Argentina, is a high up medieval village that dates from pre 1000 A.D., founded by groups of coastal inhabitants in search of escape from the invading Langobards and Saracens. The legend narrates that it was the refuge of two young newlyweds who were escaping from the law of...

Wedding in a village: Cipressa

Wedding in a village: Cipressa

Have your wedding in a village: Cipressa, in a little church in a village overlooking the sea.  Discover the romance of getting married in a traditional Ligurian village: Cipressa. [Show picture list] The village of Cipressa is located on the hills overlooking the Western Ligurian Riviera, a short distance from the coast. The town is formed by the central core of Cipressa on the hill together with the district of Lingueglietta, and up to the coast with the localities of Piani and Aregai. The...

Wedding in the countryside: Bajardo

Have your wedding in the countryside: Bajardo  –  organize a romantic marriage in the Italian countryside – as a background there are the ruins of a medieval castle, framed by the mountains and the starry sky. [Show picture list] Situated at the top of the Valle Intemelia, the medieval village of Bajardo can be reached along a picturesque road lined with pines and chestnuts.  It is located at 910 metres above sea level in an exceptional panoramic position between the sea and the...

Wedding at Villa Hanbury

It’s not just a dream to think about organizing your wedding at Villa Hanbury, on the extreme western side of Liguria: you will be a princess for a day, like the unforgettable Grace Kellly.

Getting Married in Bordighera

Getting married in Bordighera, the City of Palms, in the dignified atmosphere of an old Anglican church, will allow you to relive the elegant atmosphere of the Belle Epoque, which has left a legacy of wonderful buildings and splendid gardens.

Wedding in San Remo

Organizing your wedding in San Remo at the elegant Villa Nobel will create all the thrill of being surrounded by history: in this dwelling, which he called “my nest”, Alfred Nobel had the idea for the Nobel Prize.

Wedding in a Medieval Castle in Dolceacqua

The magic of a wedding in a medieval castle in Dolceacqua,  a town that nestles in the hills where the Rossese wine of Dolceacqua is found, a charming Ligurian locality immortalized by Monet, one of the greatest Impressionist painters.

Wedding in a castle in Apricale

Get married in one of the prettiest villages in Italy, organizing your wedding in a castle in Apricale. Here you will experience the most wonderful day imaginable – just like in a fairytale.

Weddings on the Riviera of Flowers

Weddings on the Riviera of Flowers: Get married on the Riviera dei Fiori in an historic residence, in a castle or on a beach. [Show picture list] A wedding on the Riviera has all the ingredients necessary to become an exceptional event: splendid historic locations, exclusive surroundings, and service of the highest quality – everything from exquisite flower arrangements to the finest cuisine. The  centuries-old traditions of hospitality that characterize the Riviera of Flowers are at...