Weddings in Historical Villas

Organizing your marriage in an historic villa in Liguria will give your wedding an aristocratic ambiance typical of the Belle Epoque, when English and North-European aristocrats built magnificent, eclectic, neoclassical villas and surrounded them with lavish, lush  botanic gardens.

Wedding at Villa Hanbury

It's not just a dream to think about organizing your wedding at Villa Hanbury, on the extreme western side of Liguria: you will be a princess for a day, like the unforgettable Grace Kellly.

Getting Married in Bordighera

Getting married in Bordighera, the City of Palms, in the dignified atmosphere of an old Anglican church, will allow you to relive the elegant atmosphere of the Belle Epoque, which has left a legacy of wonderful buildings and splendid gardens.

Wedding in San Remo

Organizing your wedding in San Remo at the elegant Villa Nobel will create all the thrill of being surrounded by history: in this dwelling, which he called "my nest", Alfred Nobel had the idea for the Nobel Prize.