Weddings in the Countryside

For your wedding in the countryside, where the untouched inland areas of Liguria reveal small medieval villages perched on the slopes of the Maritime Alps, covered with olive groves, vineyards and forests. We have selected for you a number of picturesque villages that go back thousands of years in history, and will be the ideal setting for your wedding.

Wedding in an Agriturismo

An agriturismo is a country hotel in a rural setting where the charm and beauty of the natural surroundings can provide one of the most romantic settings for a wedding.

Wedding in a village: Cipressa

Wedding in a village: Cipressa

Have your wedding in a village: Cipressa, in a little church in a village overlooking the sea. Discover the romance of getting married in a traditional Ligurian village: Cipressa.

Wedding in the countryside: Bajardo

Have your wedding in the countryside: Bajardo  –  organize a romantic marriage in the Italian countryside – as a background there are the ruins of a medieval castle, framed by the mountains and the starry sky. [Show picture list] Situated at the top of the Valle Intemelia, the medieval village of Bajardo can be reached along a picturesque road lined with pines and chestnuts.  It is located at 910 metres above sea level in an exceptional panoramic position between the...