Riviera Divina Weddings 10th anniversary

Who we are – Italia Divina

We have been working for over twenty years in the tourist and leisure business with both Italian and international clients.  In 2009 we became the representatives for the Wedding sector of Nyala Wonder Travel tour operators, offering the assurance of being able to provide the highest qualified professionals for the management of private events and individual or group trips. 

Over time we have created a network of trusted suppliers who operate in line with the Italia Divina style:  chefs who specialize in the great tradition of Italian cooking, or that of other nationalities, talented floral designers, photographers and videographers – all with a great deal of experience. We can offer our wedding consultancy services in all of Italy, focusing on certain locations that are wonderful at any time of the year: by the sea, on lakes and in the less well-known inland areas. 

We have selected medieval castles, historic palaces, period villas, charming hotels and even boats and yachts. We can suggest very special settings from a grotto in the depths of the earth to a chalet at high altitude, or a vineyard or rice paddy in the countryside. 

We have the inspiration to transform spaces and create themed events based on the medieval or the baroque, vintage, circuses, country and plenty more ………

There are so many reasons to say “I do” with Italia Divina!