At the end of the ceremony or in conjuntion with the sending of wedding gifts, the traditional bomboniere for the wedding becomes the star, as it represents the giving of thanks on the part of the newlyweds to their guests.

Bomboniere for the wedding

Such in important element of the wedding planning must be chosen with care, in consultation with the wedding couple.

The choice is actually huge: hand-made bomboniere, party favor bomboniere, original, personalized items for the guests to take home as a little reminder of your story ……. each one will be packed with care and delicacy, in colours and style in keeping with the theme of the reception.  As a welcome to your guests they can be placed on the tables where the wedding banquet will be celebrated – a lovely bomboniere indicating each guest’s place.

Italia Divina helps the bride and groom choose the ideal bomboniere, but that is not all – the service extends to the choice of five sugered almonds to be placed in a special little bag or elegant box: five because this represents best wishes for the couple of health, happiness, a long life, wealth and fertility – which we also wish them!

The couple may request that the bomboniere for the wedding are placed on a table in such a way that they can be easily distributed among the guests at the end of the festivities, often after the cutting of the cake.  In this case Italia Divina will put up an elegant table for the wedding bomboniere.  Have a look at our services of arranging everything ……..

Every detail deserves time and expertise.  Bomboniere and sugared almonds are accompanied by a note which gives the date of the wedding and the names of the couple.  This aspect is dealt with by the company who takes care of all the printing (menu, tableau de mariage, invitations, booklet for the Mass).