Italia Divina offers a service for printing wedding invitations, wedding booklets, tableau de mariage, wedding menus that will give a touch of elegance to every moment of your ceremony.

Italia Divina can offer advice on the choice of wedding invitations and can help with sending them out to all the guests.  After meeting the future bride and groom and establishing their tastes and their wishes, it will be easy to help them choose the style of the invitations – romantic, classic, funny, traditional or modern.

To do justice to the religious aspect of the ceremony, Italia Divina can arrange for booklets of the rites of the Mass to be printed.

Once the theme of the invitations has been decided on, other printed accessories can be provided, such as rice cones for the traditional throwing of rice to be distributed to guests as they leave the church, to wish the newlyweds good luck.

After the church, it’s time to consider the reception and how to best welcome the guests.  To begin with Italia Divina offers printing of the Tableau de Mariage, the theme to be chosen according to the personal tastes of the wedding couple, and the design intended to show the seating plan for the wedding banquet with originality and style.  Once guests have arrived at their tables, they will find a beautiful menu for the wedding lunch or dinner, displaying the tempting delicacies that will be on offer.