Italia Divina are experts at finding the location for your wedding: they organize marriages in the most romantic spots in Italy, providing an endless selection of scenarios for the most important day of your life! Whether you wish to find yourselves on a romantic lakeside, or surrounded by the fragrance and colors of a garden, or immersed in the splendour of an elegant villa or historic palace, or enchanted by the sights and sounds of the sea, Italia Divina will use all its experience and expertise to find the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Imagine yourself saying “yes” in the splendid surroundings of a wonderful period villa, set in a beautiful old village that resonates with history, nature and culture.  The magic of these unforgettable locations can provide the background for your wedding, but also the place for a romantic honeymoon.

Italia Divina will accompany you on the search for the location in which to celebrate the marriage, and also that of the reception hall where you will celebrate with your friends and relatives.  We will be able to advise you on the setting best adapted for your wedding, taking into account your preferences, and suggesting customized solutions.

Lakes and Rivieras are our speciality

Italia Divina organizes marvellous weddings all over Italy, but the locations we suggest most frequently are those situated near the crystal clear water of the Ligurian Riviera and in the luxuriant greenery of the banks of Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta.

Historic villas and botanic gardens, weddings in the countryside  and weddings on boats are also ideas that we propose for your marriage on the celebrated Riviera of the Flowers.  Captivating locales such as La Mortola, Bordighera, Apricale, Montalto Ligure.

The sacred Monte di Orta, the places associated with Saint Francis of Assisi, the little country churches, can all provide the setting for the celebration of your marriage; they are equally suited for your honeymoon or for a short holiday for your guests. Have a look at a selection of the most beautiful places for your wedding on the lakes, such as eighteenth century palaces  and medieval castles which offer breathtaking views over the lakes and their surroundings, villas that face the beautiful Golfo Borromeo, and gardens in the vicinity of Villa Taranto at Verbania. Magical places in which you will have the sensation of being able to stop time, enjoying an unforgettable sunset over the lake.